Heather Woof

Heather Woof is an independent jeweller based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. With a love of labour intensive, complex work, she has combined her depth of knowledge with a refined simplicity to create our latest collaboration - the Twist collection.

Physicality is important to Woof, who finds her main inspiration for her sculptural pieces through her own experimentation during the making process.

‘I tend to work with the material itself usually. I am testing what’s achievable, what shapes work, what forms become interesting when you change them slightly. I work with practical things - with models, with test pieces.’

The twist collection is a three-piece collection, including a large statement earring, a small earring and a ring. The earrings will be available in silver or gold-plate, while the ring will be in silver only.

‘The large earrings are big and sculptural, and the others are wee and a bit sleekit and every day.’

The Twist derived from an inclination to experiment with the spiral shape, so Woof decided to use the three-dimensional shape as the starting point for the collaboration.

‘I had been wanting to work with the spiral for a really long time, then during the development of these pieces they all seemed really flat and weren’t quite right. As the concept was spiral, it was quite loose and quite open. I just played around with forms and shapes and saw how I could make that work. Then, all of a sudden, I just wrapped a tear drop shape around a former. It’s difficult to figure out what’s going on with it unless you feel it or touch it or make that shape. It was through the manipulation of the metal that I came to that shape.
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