Fashion's New Model - Lucy Siegle.


Each month, we launch new, fashion forward, accessories curated from some of the world's best emerging designers.

Affordable Luxury

We sell luxury quality pieces without the luxury price tag. Our emerging designers and makers, design and make with exceptional quality and sustainability in mind. We have no middlemen, no physical stores and no greedy markups. This means that we can fairly pay the people who matter, the designers and the makers that we work with.



We work with ethical makers from around the globe to curate and produce our accessories.

The Platform

    We engage with emerging designers from around the world to collaborate on accessories collections, which we launch monthly. If you're interested in designing for us, get in touch at

    Every factory and maker we work with has a story to tell. Whether we're working with long-established factories who pay more than the living wage and use decade-old techniques or Women's Groups in Bangladesh who've passed down making skills for generations, our makers have a few things in common: they produce beautiful accessories that are made with great care and skill; and they believe in an ethical and progressive fashion industry.

The nu blvck woman is style led, fashion forward and cares about who's made what she wears and where it has come from. By buying from us, you're joining a community of customers around the world who love fashion but who also want to carry and wear fashion and accessories that are made fairly.

Our Accessories

From bags, to belts and scarves our accessories reflect the values of our brand - individuality, authenticity and equality.

And the transparency in our model means that our customers can follow the journey of our accessories. From Bangladesh to Bhutan, you can learn all about the emerging designers who design collections exclusively for us and the ethical makers who make our unique fashion accessories. #followthejourney


I get excited when I see the Nu Blvck email coming through! I’m definitely hooked on the brand and very much looking forward to future edits.


Revolutionising the industry one beautiful accessory at a time.




No two nu blvck collections are the same. We're embracing individuality at NU BLVCK. We want our customers to embrace their individuality too - reimagine their clothes, reinvent their look, with NU BLVCK.


Transparency is at the very heart of our model. Too many fashion brands are keeping their customers in the dark about their ethics, their impact, their wastefulness. We’re not.


Too often the fast fashion industry views globalisation as a way to drive down costs to exploit or enrich the few. We view it as a celebration of diversity in culture, design and materials. We are on a mission to change the industry for the better, not alone, but with a community of designers, artisans and customers from around the world.