The NU BLVCK Story


In our story the heroine is our collections of fashion accessories. From bags, to belts and scarves our accessories reflect the values of our brand - individuality, authenticity and equality. Our heroine goes on a journey. A journey full of adventures. And the transparency in our model means that our customers go on that journey with her. From Bangladesh to Bhutan, our customers learn all about the emerging designers who design collections exclusively for NU BLVCK and the artisans who make our unique fashion accessories. 




Our collections are designed exclusively for NU BLVCK by emerging designers. Our customers learn all about our designers, their personal inspirations and the inspirations behind their NU BLVCK designs.

We have no physical stores, no complex supply chain, we are simply passionate about changing the world of fashion and doing so with the best artisan producers. Our approach brings the artisans closer to our customers, it reduces waste in the supply chain and allows for more ethical, transparent trade. The artisans we work with hand make all of our products and as a result only produce in limited numbers. Each piece is truly limited edition. 

As each of our pieces is handmade, they may take longer to be delivered than the usual high street brands. However we’re doing things differently at NU BLVCK and we believe that our customers have the patience to wait a little longer for their exclusively designed, high quality, ethically produced piece. Prior to receiving it, our customers learn about the product, who is crafting it and will be kept up to date on the process throughout. In doing so, a cherished one off piece will arrive with our customers already feeling like it’s part of their wardrobe. 



No two NU BLVCK collections are the same. We're embracing individuality at NU BLVCK. We want our customers to embrace their individuality too - reimagine their clothes, reinvent their look, with NU BLVCK.
Transparency is at the very heart of our model. Too many fashion brands are keeping their customers in the dark about their ethics, their impact, their wastefulness. We’re not.
Too often the fast fashion industry views globalisation as a way to drive down costs to exploit or enrich the few. We view it as a celebration of diversity in culture, design and materials. We are on a mission to change the industry for the better, not alone, but with a community of designers, artisans and customers from around the world.