Meet Heather Woof

Heather Woof is an independent jeweller based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. With a love of making, she has combined her depth of knowledge with a refined simplicity to create our latest collaboration - the Twist collection.


Heather studied at Edinburgh College of Art, leaving Fine Art for Jewellery so she could immerse herself in the techniques and processes involved in jewellery design.

‘Beginning with simple techniques, you can envelop yourself in the material and the process, building complexity, developing detail’.

Physicality is important to Heather, who finds her main inspiration for her sculptural pieces through experimentation during the making process. 

‘I tend to work with the material itself, beginning first with models and test pieces. I am testing what is achievable in the metal, what shapes work, what forms become interesting by working through alterations and iterations’

The twist collection is a three-piece collection, including large statement earrings, a small earrings and a ring. The earrings are available in silver or gold-plate and the ring is available in silver only.

‘The larger earrings have a sculptural quality, while remaining light and easy to wear. The small size offer you something a little different for everyday wear.’

Heather began experimentation with the geometric form of the spiral. It was during the development process that she struck upon the twist form. She describes the moment when a design comes together as a little bit of magic.


The results are sculptural pieces that are designed to be worn. They fit the ear perfectly, framing the face, sitting comfortably on the body. 

Each piece is made by hand with patience and diligence by Heather Woof in her studio, to see the full collection click here to shop.